Support & FAQs

Creating prints

What is it!?
Plaid Print lets you create beautiful photo mosaics from Instagram photos. Photo mosaics create a main photo from lots of small images.
Why do I need an Instagram account?
We use your Instagram account to sign you in securely and store your prints and orders under your profile. You don't need to have photos on your account if you want to create a print for someone else. You can download the Instgram app and sign up for free and then connect your account with Plaid Print
How do I use it!?

First, select the main image you would like to create. You will be presented with your Instagram photos but you can also create one for someone else by changing the profile (as long as you can view their photos). Once you have selected the main image, you can then select the profile or the hashtag that you would like to use for the small tiles.

Hit create! We will do some computer magic and after a short while (this depends on how busy our poor robots are and how many pictures you are using but usually under a minute) your print will appear as if by magic. You can leave the page open and wait or you can come back anytime to see it once it's done. If you supply your email, we will notify you when it's ready to view.

Create as many as you want! You can create as many prints as you like and they will be stored in your account to view any time. Experiment with different main and tile images to see what looks great.

Mine looks rubbish, why!?

The most common issue is a small number of tile images. If the profile or hashtag you used didn't have many images available, there will be a lot of repetition and it won't look great. The more images the better!

Bold, bright images where the subject matter fills most of the picture work best. Selfies work great!